I am not a chef. I’m not even sure I’m a good cook.  I do not make my own recipes and I improvise only when I miss ingredients.  I am a working mother, which leaves me very little time for anything, but I like cooking for my family and want to  make sure my kids get food that’s healthy and nutritious.  I often need dinner ideas. Besides my cookbooks, I often  look up the web for ideas. Some recipes turn out well but then I forget where I found them and need to search for them again. Enough. Now it’ll all be here.

I’m sharing my dinners with you in case you, too, are looking for ideas and are like me. I.e.,  you need to cook quick meals that  taste good when re-heated,  you cook with  whatever is available in your kitchen,  and your kitchen tends to have  basic  stuff such as some meat, some fish, some veggies, some pasta and rice.

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    • Welcome to mydinnertoday, Rose! I grew up in Athens, Greece but came to UPenn for my PhD and stayed ever since… I love a lot about the States but not the packaged food in the super markets. I cook for my family almost every day and being a working mum I value healthy, tasty, and easy to make food.

  1. hellenic summer greetings! i followed you through TasteFull! a job appointment as an ee engineer braught me here at kos island, dodecanese! wish you all the best! gina 🙂

    • Hi Gina! Thanks for dropping by. I just came to Chalkidiki for summer vacation. I love tasteFull recipes. I even have a special tag for them. Have a great summer and come back anytime 🙂

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