1. Bouillabaisse
  2. Broccoli soup, Fiber plus broccoli soup
  3. Chicken soup, Chicken soup with dill
  4. Chia soup with canellini beans
  5. Chicken noodle soup
  6. Chowder with pink salmon and chia seeds
  7. Fish soup (also Fish soup for the summer)
  8. Fish soup with corn
  9. French onion soup gratinee
  10. Leek and potato soup
  11. Lentil soup
  12. Meat soup
  13. Mushroom soup and a salad for a beautiful Monday
  14. Mushroom soup, quick and soothing
  15. Mushroom soup, rustic
  16. Mushroom soup with baby portobello
  17. Soup with lima beans
  18. Soup with meatballs (giouvarlakia)
  19. Strong flavored, veloute soup with zucchini
  20. Sweet and smooth pumpkin soup
  21. Trachanas soup
  22. The 4 day diet cabbage soup
  23. Veggie soup aka minestrone
  24. Veggie soup with angel hair

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