Veggie & Pasta

  1. Artichokes with potatoes and carrots , Artichokes with potatoes and carrots 2Artichokes stew with potatoes and carrotsArtichokes with peas, potatoes, and carrotsArtichokes with peas and carrots
  2. Arugula with goat cheese and balsamic glaze
  3. Basic cream of mushroom soup
  4. Beautiful string beans
  5. Belgian endives with blue cheese, walnuts, and figs
  6. Briam, a feast of summer veggies
  7. Broccoli soup, Fiber plus broccoli soup
  8. Broccoli and red beans salad
  9. Carrots cooked with mustard and honey
  10. Coleslaw salad with tuna (coleslaw=cabbage+carrots)
  11. Cucumber salad
  12. “Dakos” the Greek bruschetta
  13. Eggs with tomatoes
  14. Leek and potato soup
  15. Lentil salad, even simpler, Salad with lentils
  16. Lentil soup
  17. Linguine with creamy sauce
  18. “Melinakia” the funnest appetizer
  19. Mushroom soup with baby portobello
  20. Okra stew
  21. Okra with carrots and mint
  22. Omelette with cheese and how to make it
  23. Pasta au gratin
  24. Pasta, whole wheat with spinach
  25. Pasta with zucchini
  26. Pasta with clam sauce
  27. Potato puree
  28. Potato salad with olive oil and vinegar
  29. Potatoes au gratin
  30. Potatoes with rosemary
  31. Roasted zucchini with tomatoes
  32. Refreshing tabouleh in five minutes
  33. Rolled cheese pie
  34. Salad with lentils
  35. Shrimp ‘saganaki’ with brown riceShrimp with tomato sauce and feta cheese
  36. Soup with lima beans
  37. Spaghetti alle …cozze
  38. String beans stew
  39. Steamed green beans with roasted red peppers
  40. Stuffed tomatoes (recipe for stuffing after you cook the filling)
  41. Stuffed peppers and other veggies (recipe for cooking the filling in the oven)
  42. Spinach au gratin (quick and easy, first a little cooking in the pan and then in the oven)
  43. Spinach frittata
  44. Spinach pieSpinach pie triangles
  45. Spinach with rice (spanakorizo)
  46. “Spanakorizo” with curry
  47. Strong flavored, veloute soup with zucchini
  48. Tabouleh: Refreshing tabouleh in five minutes
  49. Tomato salad with feta cheese and ‘paximadi’
  50. Tomatoes stuffed with tuna and zucchini
  51. Trachanas soup
  52. Tuna salad
  53. Tuna salad with mayo and mustard
  54. Very special baked potatoes
  55. Zucchini pie
  56. Zucchini, crispy : Sliced zucchini, coated with Parmesan and bread crumbs, baked in the oven.
  57. Zucchini, gratin, express with photo: Same dish as Express zucchini dish, divine.

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