Meat & chicken

Chicken & Turkey

  1. Casserole with drumsticks
  2. Chicken Cacciatore
  3. Chicken “tigania”
  4. Chicken with a veloute carrot sauce. 12
  5. Chicken with cream sauce
  6. Chicken with Riesling, leek, and mushrooms
  7. Chicken with rice cooked in the oven
  8. Chicken with sweet paprika for kids
  9. Chicken with zucchini casserole
  10. Chilly con carne
  11. Cornish hen with couscous
  12. Pastitsada, pastitsado, or chicken with pasta from Corfu
  13. Roast chicken with potatoes
  14. Rainbow chicken with peppers
  15. Tender chicken cooked in wine and tomatoes, The most tender chicken
  16. Thanos sandwich (with chicken sausage).
  17. Turkey, just


  1. Beef empanadas
  2. Best dry seasoning for ribs cooked in the oven
  3. Boeuf bourguignon
  4. Cabbage “pie” like you’ve never seen before
  5. Chuck pot roast
  6. Corned beef brisket
  7. Couscous with sausage stew
  8. Crown roast
  9. Giaourtlou kebab: meat with tomato sauce and yogurt
  10. “Giouvetsi”:  Beef with riso pasta
  11. Glorious wreath (minced meat with many spices, shaped in a wreath)
  12. Meatballs with an oriental touch
  13. Mydinnertoday’s signature meatballsMydinnertoday’s signature burgers
  14. Mousakas (eggplants with meat sauce and bechamel)
  15. Pan seared top sirloin fillet
  16. “Pastichio”: Pasta with meat sauce and bechamel
  17. Pasta and meat sauce with red peppers
  18. Perfect rib eye roast
  19. Pork stew with carrots and potatoesPork stew with potatoes and carrots
  20. Roast lamb with potatoes
  21. Sausages with green and red peppers
  22. Spaghetti with meatballs
  23. Spaghetti with meatballs recipe No 2
  24. Stuffed eggplants or ‘papoutsakia’
  25. Tas kebab with beef
  26. Terrine with pistachios, chestnuts, and dried fruit
  27. “Thanasakia”: Pizza dough with meat and sweet peppers
  28. “Tigania”, or pork saute
  29. Whole wheat spaghetti with meat sauceMydinnertoday is seashell pasta with meat sauce

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