1. Apricot jam
  2. Ambrosia
  3. Apple pie
  4. Apple strudel (1), Apple strudel (2)
  5. Baklavas, divine
  6. Banana breadMy summer banana bread, made in Greece, Banana bread loafBanana bread: the healthiest and allergy friendly treat
  7. Banana bread cupcakes
  8. Berry delightful
  9. Best baklava!
  10. Caribbean creamCaribbean cream with plain yogurt
  11. Cake with orange and chocolate sprinkles
  12. Cheese cake with chocolate
  13. Cheese cake with roses, easy
  14. Chocolate bread with zucchini
  15. Chocolate cake!, Chocolate cake for 10 beautiful years, The Harry Potter chocolate cake
  16. Chocolate cake or moelleux au chocolat, Moelleux au chocolat une fois de plus
  17. Chocolate cake, the easiest and yummiest
  18. Chocolate cake with a surprise in the middle
  19. Chocolate jello with biscuits
  20. Chocolate mousse with marshmallows
  21. Chocolate pudding with chia seeds and cottage cheese
  22. Chocolates with sweetened milk
  23. Cocoa bliss
  24. Country style apple tart
  25. Cute spritz cookies
  26. Espresso flourless cake with raspberry sauce
  27. Fibonacci lemon cake
  28. Five-minute biscuit cake (aka kormos mosaiko)
  29. French toast with orange syrup
  30. French toast with vanilla and orange
  31. Fruit salad with yogurt
  32. Fruit salad with orange and mandarine juiceFruit salad #2
  33. Halvas: The Greek semolina dessert
  34. Honeydew melon smoothie
  35. Ice-cream in 10′, fantastic!, Ice cream in 5′ with dairy cream,  Ice cream in 5′, again
  36. Kazan dibi
  37. “Kourabiedes” 2011, with orange extract and cherry rum, Kourabiedes 2012
  38. Leche asada
  39. Lemon bars
  40. Lemon bread,
  41. Light dessert with yogurt, fruit, and brown sugar
  42. Loukoumia: Turkish, or rather Greek, delight with strawberries
  43. Loukoumia #2: Turkish delight done right
  44. “Melomakarona” 2011, recipe 2,  “Melomakarona 2012“, More melomakarana 2012
  45. Mocha mousse
  46. Nut free kourambiedes
  47. Nut free melomakarona
  48. Pavlova with pomegranate
  49. Panna cotta with raspberries sauce, Panna cotta served  in situ, Panna cotta “pie”
  50. Pancakes with butter
  51. Pine apple loukoumia
  52. Rice pudding with lemon zest
  53. Strawberry tart
  54. Strawberry smoothie, Strawberry smoothie with ice-cream and yogurt
  55. Simple vanilla cake (basic cake recipe)
  56. “Skaltsounia”, or sugar biscuits, with “loukoumia”
  57. Speedy yogurt cream
  58. Sunday pancakes
  59. Super millefeuille
  60. Tiramisu
  61. Vasilopita: the Greek Santa Claus, or St. Basil, or New Year’s cake tradition, Mydinnertoday’s most popular recipe,   Vasilopita 2013
  62. Vegan chocolate pudding
  63. Whoopie Pies with vanilla buttercream
  64. Yogurt dessert with lime and mint
  65. Yule log or “kormos”

The numbering indicates different recipes. Two or more links on the same line  take you to different presentations or slight variations of the same recipe.

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