Fish & Seafood

Fish and seafood recipes

  1. Ahi tuna with chopped salad
  2. Ahi tuna with mixed greens and edamame
  3. Best marinade for pan seared Ahi tuna
  4. Baked anchovy with potatoes
  5. Bouillabaisse
  6. Cod fish with steamed broccoli
  7. Cod with tomatoes
  8. Cod stew with fresh tomatoes
  9. Fish cakes
  10. Fish soup
  11. Fish soup for the summer
  12. Fish soup with corn
  13. Salmon a la Pepin
  14. Salmon, incredible  with orange
  15. Salmon with awesome rice
  16. Scallops on greens
  17. Shrimp with garlic, lemon, and dill
  18. Steamed cod
  19. Steamed tilapia
  20. Shrimp with tomato sauce
  21. Shrimp with butternut squash and mango
  22. Shrimp ‘saganaki’ with brown rice
  23. Shrimp with tomato sauce and feta cheese
  24. Spaghetti alle …cozze
  25. Sword fish fillet with chick peas

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