Appetizers & savory pies

  1. Appetizers with ham and Parmesan
  2. Belgian endives with blue cheese, walnuts, and dry figs
  3. Braided chicken pastry
  4. Cheese pie with no filo pastry
  5. Cherry tomatoes with fresh mozzarela and pesto
  6. “Dakos”, the Greek bruschetta
  7. Easy cheese pie
  8. Eggs deviled or stuffed eggs
  9. Feta crust
  10. Halloween party food
  11. Homemade bread in 5′
  12. “Melinakia”, the funnest snack or appetizer, “Melinakia”, we can’t get enough 
  13. Melinakia style snacks on the beach (puff pastry with feta cheese ,  tomatoes, and basil)
  14. Monster sandwiches
  15. Mrs Magda’s spinach pie
  16. Mushroom pie
  17. Parsley salad in a bowl of Parmesan
  18. Rolled cheese pie
  19. Roquefort ring
  20. Savory cheese cake with ricotta
  21. Spinach pie triangles
  22. Spinach pie
  23. Toasted bread with mozzarella
  24. Yogurt pie with vine leaves
  25. Zucchini pie
  26. Zucchini pie with puff pastry …or not

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