“ Melinakia”, the funnest snack or appetizer

Ahhh, the pleasures of the weekends! I have to share what happened on Sat. morning. We woke up late and I had to run to the gym before we had a chance to have breakfast. Guess what was waiting from when I got back?!  Eggs with tomatoes! Remember the recipe? My family got it from the blog and prepared it! And it was yummy, too.  Ain’t it nice to have a blog?

This is a weekend I’m posting a delicious, improvised snack, that I first cooked couple of weeks ago.  I made it with some leftover puff pastry and named it after my daughter.   She absolutely  loves “Melinakia” and she makes  them herself! Ooops,  my son, now, wants a dish named after him…


Ingredients (for about 9 squares)

How to make: Put the puff pastry squares in a baking sheet (about 6 fit in mine). Spread ketchup like you’d spread butter on your bread.  Put a tablespoon or more of cubed tomatoes in the middle of each square. Some salt optional. Add a teaspoon or more crumbled feta cheese on top and top it off with the parsley. Bake in pre-heated oven (390 F) for about 40 minutes or until the pastry gets a nice golden color. Remove from the oven and put the next bunch.

Notes and tips: Try putting the tomato on top of the feta cheese to protect it while cooking. Instead of feta cheese you can use goat cheese. It goes really well. Check  this version with the tomato on top.

2 thoughts on ““ Melinakia”, the funnest snack or appetizer

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