Apple pie

Thanksgiving was wonderful! I know, it’s a bit too late for my U.S. friends to post an apple pie recipe but keep it for a later day. This is the best apple pie recipe,  praised by many who tried it. My daughter is the  number one fan and she made this one. I only helped with the crust.  It’s almost become a tradition to spend Thanksgiving with our friends and relateives in NY with this pie was our contribution. Back by popular demand! We made the same recipe last year, too.  I found it here, in English.  I’m a little behind with the posts so I’ll let you check the site. The instructions are excellent. When I have more time, I’ll recreate the recipe here, just in case the link stops working. The only variation that I made is in the flour. I used whole wheat flour which gives the pie an unexpectedly dark look but it’s healthier that way. Also, the apples were sticking out but my daughter and I decided to leave them in and we didn’t regret it.

Stay tuned for a cheese bread recipe I made last Wed, artichokes with peas and carrots that I made yesterday and chicken with rice today.

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