Tomato salad with feta cheese and “paximadi”

Yesterday evening, I had to give a talk to a group of  graduating TESOL teachers, so no time for cooking.  Daddy took the kids out for pizza. When I went back home, I only had appetite for a salad. I made my favorite one.  Tomatoes, feta cheese,  parsley and “paximadi” –the ones made in Crete. “Paximadi” is very hard and crunchy  kind of bread. When mixed with the salad, it absorbs some of the olive oil and the juice coming of the tomatoes. The ‘paximadi’ becomes softer and the salad doesn’t get soaky. A full meal if you ask me!



  • two or three or as many as you like good quality tomatoes
  • 250 grams or more feta cheese
  • chopped parsley
  • ‘paximadia’ or grilled bread
  • olive oil

How to make: Use a knife to stub the `paximadi’ and make it crumble in a few pieces. Put in a bowl. Add the tomatoes cut in pieces and the parsley and olive oil. Sprinkle some salt before you put the olive oil.  Give the salad a good stir with a spoon and top it with feta cheese. I prefer to cut the feta in pieces.  Give another mild stir and serve immediately.

Notes and tips: If you cannot find ‘paximadi’,  drizzle a little olive oil on sliced bread, grill in the oven until crispy, let them cool off and add to the salad. If you are in the U.S. prefer vine tomatoes. I made a simple version with what I had in my fridge yesterday.  You can add, olives, green peppers, cucumber, capers and arugula and they all taste great! What you see in the photo is a really quick meal I put together for myself.  You can add more parsley and more ingredients and it will be majestic!

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