Beautiful sunny side up eggs with asparagus and bacon

Mmmm…. I see I’m falling behind with the recipes. This one I made on Sunday. I normally make this as weekend breakfast but this time I served it for lunch. It was great but my kids were hungry again kind of soon. So, if you offer this for lunch. serve it with some bread to fill up hungry bellies. Bread is great with the dish anyway because you can dip it in the yolk. Credits go to Vicky and her tasteFULL recipes.  Translation follows.



  • eggs
  • asparagus
  • bacon
  • oil
  • grated parmesan

How to make: To prepare the asparagus, put  a little water in a big, and deep pan.  Remove the yellowish and hard edges of the asparagus and wash.  Put the asparagus (as much as you like) in the pan and cook covered for about 6 minutes. When ready, remove from the pan and keep in a dish.  In the same pan, fry the bacon until crispy. You don’t need to grease the pan to cook the alreayd pretty fat bacon. When ready, remove it and place it in a dish.  Vicky doesn’t give instructions for the eggs. From her photo, I gather, she heats the oil well before cracking the eggs in. That way they become more crispy.  To get them to look like in my photo,  crack the eggs  in before the oil is too hot. Sprinkle salt and pepper to taste. When the white part has become white, use a tablespoon to ladle some hot oil over the yolk. Do that several times until the yolk forms a very thin whitish membrane.  Assemble the dish anyway you like and serve with grated parmesan. I prefer the arrangement in Vicky’s version but I was too quick to lay the eggs first on the plate and too lazy to change the arrangement.

Notes and tips: I do not always use bacon with this dish.  When I do, I make sure I get the best quality. What you see in the photo here is turkey and I didn’t cook it for too long so it wouldn’t absorb too much oil. Truth be told, real bacon, cooked to be crispy is tastier, even if a tad less healthy. For the asparagus, I put a steamer in the pan and place the asparagus there instead of dipping them in the water directly.

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