Spinach frittata

This the most rushed spinach frittata ever!  Try it but better serve it immediately. It won’t kill you, though, if you have to serve it a little later. The credits for the inspiration and basics of this recipe go to Kitchen Secrets but any deviations from the original recipe and definitely all errors  are  mine.



  • 5-7 shallots  or 1 dry onion chopped
  • olive oil enough to thinly cover the bottom of a deep pan
  • one half a kilo/1 pound frozen spinach
  • salt, pepper, oregano, basil
  • 10 eggs
  • 1 cup ground Parmesan

How to make: Saute the onion, add the spinach and 2-3 cubes of frozen basil and saute for about 5 more minutes. If you use fresh basil add it after the spinach is sauteed. Add salt, pepper, oregano and saute 1-2 minutes more. Add well beaten eggs after you have mixed them with the Parmesan. Give them a nice and gentle stir until they are well mixed with the spinach. Let the food cook on low heat. Use a silicon spatula to check if the egg-spinach mix has firmed at the rims.  Slide the spatula a little beneath the egg-spinach mix to be sure the bottom is firm. When the bottom and sides are firm place the pan in  pre-heated broil (low heat). Place the pan on a rack in the oven just below the grill but make sure there’s some distance between the top of the pan and the grill. Cook until the top is firm. You can leave it a little longer if you prefer it crispier. But don’t overcook and don’t let it go dark brown. The one I’m showing in the photo is brown enough already.

Notes and tips: You can add more or less eggs.  Actually, I like it with even more eggs, especially when I serve it for breakfast. If you have zucchini handy, slice them in rounds and saute them before you add the spinach. They’re really yummy in this recipe.  If you want to be fancy, get special pans for frittata so you won’t have to transfer the frittata in the broil.

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