Girl scout cookies

This week’s hard work has been celebrated with a feast of  Girl Scout Cookies. The kids were  too happy to be allowed to choose not one, or two, or three but SIX cookies for dessert.  The cookies sales are over in Pennsylvania so now we get to eat what we got to keep for ourselves. And you get to know our favorites.  They’re all very tasty. I wish I had the recipes. Or, do I?

Click on the photo to read the names of the cookies clearly. Credits for the photo editing go to the amazing online photo editing  picnik, which, to my dismay but their bliss, got acquired by Google recently.  Don’t get me wrong, I love and use most of Google products but it’s getting kinda boring that they buy everything cool out there. I am too old maybe but the only kind of monopoly that got me excited was many, many years ago when I made everybody mad buying the most expensive streets of Athens and building on them.

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