Easter eggs

Or, how to boil the perfect egg, so you don’t get the ugly green ring at the surface of the yolk. Cross-checked method at Vicky’s blog . Be sure that the egg shells and your hands are clean. Boil as per the instructions below. Do the dying as per package instructions. Use gloves if you are planning to dip your hands in the colored water. I didn’t and it was a pain to remove the red spots from my skin. Let the eggs cool on a pan lined with a towel. Roll them over so they don’t get a mark on the side sitting on the pan. When dry, soak a cotton ball with olive oil and apply to the eggs to make them shiny. Wait for a few minutes and rub them lightly with  a paper towel.

Boiling instructions

  • Place a cotton towel at the bottom of the pot
  • Place one layer of eggs
  • Cover with water
  • Bring to slow boil
  • When the water starts boiling, turn the heat off
  • Let the eggs stand for 12 minutes

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