Ice cream in 5′, with dairy cream

Ice cream in 5'

I first tried this recipe in Greece with vegetal cream (non-dairy heavy cream). I haven’t seen vegetal cream in the super markets in our neighborhood in the US so I wanted to test the recipe with regular heavy cream. And it worked! This is an amazingly easy and tasty recipe for ice-cream. I would be too disappointed if it didn’t work.  Because I wasn’t sure it’d work I minimized the preparation effort from 10′ to 5′ by freezing the ice-cream in a container instead of making “sandwiches”.  Next time I will experiment with the “Papadopoulou”  biscuits substitution.



  • 750 ml heavy cream
  • 1 can condensed milk
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract

How to make: Beat the heavy cream until it becomes fluffy. Do not overbeat.  Add the vanilla and beat a few more seconds. In a separate container, beat the condensed milk. Mix the two and beat very lightly until they are evenly combined. Pour in a plastic container and let it freeze for at least 4 hours. Before you serve let the ice cream “breathe” room temperature air to make it easier to scoop.  I served  with a teaspoon of syrup from “glyka koutaliou” that I brought from Pelio. Serve with any syrup you like.


2 thoughts on “Ice cream in 5′, with dairy cream

    • Ooops! So, now I have to let you have some ice-cream mid-week so you can write a proper review 🙂
      Good trick! We still have plenty in the freezer and you can have it with chocolate syrup.



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