Fruit salad #2

Home sweet home! Buried in 50cm of snow, that is, but as sweet as ever nonetheless.  The first thing I wanted to prepare for my family that I learned while I was away was the beautiful fruit salad with orange and mandarine juice . This time I made it all by myself and it was still oh so very delightful! So easy,  so tasty. Even if you are the busiest mother in the world you’ll stop buying pre-packaged fruit salads for your kid’s lunchbox after you try this.

Recipe repeat from Feb 8th, 2010 (just changed  quantities of fruit)


  • 3 apples cubed
  • 3 pears cubed
  • 2 bananas cubed
  • 1 cup pomegranate seeds
  • juice from 4  oranges (freshly squeezed orange juice probably OK)
  • juice from 5-6 mandarines

How to make: Mix all the ingredients in a big bowl and refrigerate. The fruit must swim in the juice as in the photo.Serve cool. Optionally, you can serve with oat flakes and cinnamon.

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