Yogurt with pine apple and cereals

Today I woke up with extra energy and wanted something new for breakfast. For the past weeks we’ve been invariably eating a bowl of high fiber cereal with milk. This is not a recipe I got from anywhere but the basic principle is pretty common. A layer of yogurt, a layer of fresh fresh fruit, a a layer of cereals, topped with more yogurt and cereals. You can add honey on top or syrup but I tried to keep it on the lower calorie side. I just added some raisins on top 🙂 The pine-apple bits came from the freezer and I as I put them in the microwave to defrost them their sweet juices came out beautifully and tasted great with the yogurt.  I didn’t have my camera handy so this photo was taken from my new cell, which actually takes pretty good photos but, as you can see, I carelessly set the focus indicator to the back of the photo. Oh, well…


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