Steamed cod

OK. I promise I won’t make a habit taking food photos with my cell. It just happened last night and this morning because the cell was charging on the kitchen table and my pocket camera was two floors up. I am, once more, so thankful to Vicky for this recipe! I didn’t make it as she instructed.  I didn’t have any freezer bags to put the fish in and I  was just too tired and sleepy to  stay by the pot and take the fish out 10 minutes after  I turned the  heat off.  I went to bed, instead.  And it, still, came out great!!! This recipe more than any other in this blog deserves to be the busy mom’s favorite. Easy, quick, healthy, super tasty, and forgiving.



  • cod fish fillets
  • salt, pepper,  thyme, marjoram (I used cardamom, instead, and it was fine)
  • olive oil
  • lemon juice and lemon zest

How to make: Clean the god fillets and rub them lightly with salt, pepper, thyme and marjoram.  Put them  in freezer bags if  you have them.   Use whatever pot you use to steam food and fill the bottom with a couple of inches water.  Put the  steamer tray in. When the pot is filled with steam, add the fish quickly, cover, turn off the heat and let it stand for about 10 minutes. Remove and serve with olive oil, lemon juice and lemon zest on top. I took the photo this morning when I removed the fish from the steamer so you can’t see the oil and lemon on top. I will add those in the evening when I serve the fish.

Notes and tips: I prefer to use a steamer but you don’t have to. Instead, you can fill the pot with water, to just barely cover the cod bags. When you see bubbles formed at the bottom, turn off the heat and let the fish cook for about 10 minutes.  Of course, it will look just fabulous and tender if you do that and serve immediately with olive oil and lemon. And it takes so little to prepare, you can definitely do that. I cooked last night because I realized I had the fish in the fridge after we had dinner and was afraid the fish might go bad if I waited for one more day.

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