Easy cheese pie

How much fun did we have making this pie! The chef Mrs M. and her apprentice sous-chefs, three very happy kids. Everybody took a turn mixing the eggs with the milk,  brushing the bottom of the pan with oil, laying the phyllo pastry sheets, spreading the cheese crumbs and pouring the egg mix on top. Mrs M. was right. This recipe belongs with this blog: very easy, quick to make, and yummy.



  • 1/2 pound feta cheese, crumbled
  • 2 cups milk
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 packet phyllo pastry at room temperature
  • some olive oil for brushing the pan and pastry sheets

How to make: Crumble the feta cheese in a bowl and set aside. Beat the eggs lightly, mix them with the milk and set aside. Brush the bottom of a pan with oil. Take a phyllo sheet and lay it on the bottom. Fold in the corners of the phyllo sheet if you’re using a round pan or a pan smaller than the sheets. Brush with a little oil, especially at the edges. You don’t need to use too much oil. Just a little bit. Repeat with a second layer. Then sprinkle a little cheese here and there, not too much. Repeat (spreading feta cheese every two sheets) until there’s about 4 sheets left.  Lay the last 4 sheets on top but this time be sure to fold the corners under themselves so the top looks good. Brush the top with oil. Cut the pie in pieces. Pour in the  egg and milk mix and shake the pan lightly so the mix penetrates the pie evenly.   Let it stand in the fridge for  about 5 hours.  Cook in medium hot oven until it’s nicely browned.

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