Lijiang cuisine

Lijiang is a city in the Provence of Yunnan, an area south of Beijing with a very mild climate. Probably because of the mild climate, the Lijiang cuisine is also mild and famous for its many snacks. While in Beijing, I was lucky to go out for dinner with a colleague who is from Beijing and has students from Beijing, too. She took us to a great restaurant with great food and ambience as you can seen in the photos above and below.

The menu was the size of a book, see photo below, which I appreciated a lot because I could see photos of the dishes and even a short description in English. Βut, of course, the best part was the food. The dish that looks like Jewish Latkes, is probably a more sophisticated and polished version the most popular snack called Baba, that you can also find in the streets of Lijiang.  The fish and vegetable dishes were awesome.  The egg dish was the restaurant’s special I think and it was OK but not exciting.  In the last photo you can see a yummy tofu dish.

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