Feeling nostalgic about strawberry and chocolate pudding from “Yotis”

If  you live in Greece, this post won’t mean much to you,  most likely. But me living in the U.S. and getting Greek products from the “Greek” store miles away from my home, it means a lot.  If you cannot get “Yotis” from the local supermarket, “Yotis” becomes a rare treat. I’m talking about the little bags “Άνθος Αραβοσίτου Γιώτης” that come in different flavors and I remember them being around in the exact same box since I was in elementary school (see photo below). Probably the first thing I learned how to prepare by myself as a kid. I have a box of them in my cabinet and decided it was a good time to use them.  Using box instructions, basically mixing the content of the packets with sugar and milk, I made about 4 cups chocolate pudding, and  poured it in serving containers. I let it cool off a bit, made 4 cups of strawberry pudding and added another layer. I served with grated chocolate on top.

2 thoughts on “Feeling nostalgic about strawberry and chocolate pudding from “Yotis”

  1. Thank you SO much!!!!
    I have a Greek boyfriend & have recently moved to Athens from England & you have aided my relationship no end! It is true, at least for Greek men, that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach 😉
    Yummy, excellent food, with perfectly clear instructions: perfect site!

  2. Hi Natalia,
    I’m so glad you like the recipes. Especially for you and your loved one I will post the king of all heart winners: roast lamb with potatoes (arnaki me patates sto fourno). Stay tuned 🙂

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