Steamed broccoli salad

Steamed broccoli salad

Read this as a reminder of the many  nutritional benefits of  broccoli and make it your goal that not another week will pass without serving broccoli at the family dinner table. Our two favorite broccoli recipes are the creamy broccoli soup and this steamed broccoli salad. Remove the bulky parts of the broccoli stems, rinse well, steam them until barely soft. Remove from the steam add salt (or garlic salt), pepper, the juice from one lemon, and sprinkle with best quality olive oil generously.

Notes and tips: For steaming I have equipped my kitchen with a very inexpensive steamer basket that fits comfortably in most of my pots. I just add couple of inches water at the bottom, the steamer, the broccoli and the lid to help the steam build up. I steam peas and fish in the same way.

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