Vasilopita 2014!

New Year's Cake: Vasilopita 2014

New Year’s Cake: Vasilopita 2014

Happy New Year to all of you good people in the world!

It feels that 2013 just flashed by me. Too much happening or too little? Hard to say.

As a family we had great moments of joy. Our daughter won silver level distinction in a piano competition which became her ticket to perform at Carnegie Hall. What an experience! At school, fifth grade was quite a journey. It presented many challenges as her teacher tried to transition the class to be independent and middle-school ready. I’m very proud of how she navigated the rough seas and docked safe at her destination. I enjoyed every single moment of her journey. When she was acing her math and reading tests, when she was singing for the 5th grade musical, playing her flute, nurturing friendships, becoming her own beautiful person, asserting herself along the way.

Our son, too, gave us a lot of joy. Not a baby any more but a handsome big boy with a bright smile and a playful heart.  With his luck to be in a great team with a solid coach, we saw our boy shine in the soccer field. I owe him my appreciation of soccer and the immensely joyous feeling of watching him develop his team spirit, leadership, responsibility and a sense of honor and pride for himself and his team.  At school, I’m very proud not only of his good grades but of the ways he found to discover what it means to be respectful,  kind, and caring. It’s never easy for young boys who think the world goes around them but he did it.

I can’t say too much about my husband because he may read this and feel embarrassed. This year he stepped down from his 5 year tenure as the director of the robotics lab. He loves the lab and the lab loves him. I was lucky to take a quick glimpse at the party organized to honor him. It was emotional for me. I wasn’t surprised to see the room overflowing with people who came to say thanks but I know that he was and I know that it must have felt good. I was very proud of him and, yes, I admit it,  a tad entertained to see him feeling a little weird being at the center of attention and on the receiving end. ‘Cause for this guy, the natural state of being is that of giving.

As for me, the highlight of 2013 was Choosito getting the very competitive SBIR award from NSF to build educational technology for the next generation. Choosito is by far the most difficult and challenging effort in my career but, also, the most worthy. I will say no more but you hold your breath and keep your fingers crossed, just in case.

As for mydinnertoday, 2013 was probably the year that it became our family’s true second hand. It did a great job guiding our helpers to cook our favorite meals and made my absence from the kitchen unnoticeable. Thank you mydinnertoday and thank you great helpers.

Bye-bye 2013. Thank you for the wonderful memories.

Welcome 2014.

Vasilopita recipe.

2 thoughts on “Vasilopita 2014!

  1. The Vasilopita was fantastic! you r a caring, kind mom, and always do the best to make us feel happy. I’m so thankful to have u! Happy New Year!

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