The easy for the busy profiterole

Photo to come…

I have made this dessert more times than I can remember at this point but didn’t get a chance to take a photo. That’s because I need to put in the freezer for the chocolate to cool down and by the time it is ready for a photo my guests are sitting at the table waiting!

On Greek food sites it is not as the lazy cook’s profiterole and rightfully so. It’s not the real thing but it’s so easy to make and so yummy! Ι will give the credit to this version.


For the cream

For the chocolate cream

  • 250 grams heavy cream
  • 250 grams bitter sweet chocolate (morsels or other baking chocolate)
  • 1 can sweet condensed milk

How to make:

  • Dissolve the cornflour in one cup milk set aside. Heat the rest of the milk. Before it reaches boiling temperature, add the dissolved flour and keep stirring with an whisk until it thickens. Set aside until it cools off.
  • Beat the heavy cream with the confectioner’s sugar until it thickens to become Chantilly.
  • Combine the Chantilly with the cream.
  • In a big bowl, start layering the ladyfingers. Dip them in rosewater or your favorite liquor one at a time but quickly because they absorb a lot of liquid fast. After you cover the bottom of the bowl, add some cream, then another layer of ladyfingers, then more cream until you have used all the ladyfingers and cream.
  • Time for the chocolate: Heat the heavy cream. Add the chocolate morsels and stir until fully dissolved. Add the sweet condensed milk and stir to incorporate
  • When the chocolate has cooled down pour over the cream and serve!



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