Omelette with egg whites and spinach

Omelette with egg whites and spinach

Omelette with egg whites and spinach

My husband had a heart attack. I don’t need to think hard this Thanksgiving about what I’m grateful for. He is now well and getting rest to help the heart recover from the shock. Mydinnertoday is growing with us and adjusting to our family’s changing dietary needs. Here’s our first cardiac diet recipe.


  • Olive oil for the pan
  • 1 big onion, chopped
  • 10-15 cherry tomatoes cut in half
  • 1 bag of frozen spinach
  • 12 egg whites lightly beaten
  • pinch of salt or other spice

How to make: Drizzle some olive oil in the pan and heat it. Add the onions and cook them until translucent. Add the tomatoes, spinach, and a pinch of salt. Cook for about 5 minutes or until the spinach is well heated and cooked. In another omelette pan, heat some olive oil and cook half the egg whites. When cooked, spoon some of the spinach on one half of the egg, fold the other half and slide on a plate. Repeat with the other half of the egg whites.

When you cook the spinach you can add your favorite herb to compensate for low salt. I love basil, oregano, mint or thyme.


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