Mindful Eating: A New Era for Mydinnertoday

I started mydinnertoday in 2009. My daughter was 8 and my son was 5. I needed a go-to place for our family recipes. Easy, quick, healthy, and yummy to feed the family and build good eating habits. Now, my children are 18 and 15. They no longer eat what I feed them. My son, actually, is a great cook and, often, he makes his own meals.

The time has now come to change my own eating habits, to learn how to eat less and how to get rid of bad eating habits acquired over the parenting years. How to learn to live with a slowed-down metabolism, yet still enjoy food and family dinners.

The next few recipes are inspired by the three-color food grouping by Noom and will be tagged as “mindful eating”. They are low-calorie density recipes, with simple and healthy ingredients and, of course, what else but  easy, quick, healthy, and yummy.


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