Christmas dinner 2011

Christmas menu 2011

The table was all set up  the day before.  A little bit of a squeeze for fourteen people but who cares really!  Here’s my Christmas menu for 2011.




“Stefanaki”, minced meat dish with lots of herbs

Green salad with mint dressing


Crown roast spiced with fresh thyme and sage


Baked baby potatoes with caraway seeds

Carrots cooked in a honey-mustard sauce

Brussels sprouts with bacon and chestnuts


Yule log


“Stefanaki” by TasteFull

Green salad by TasteFull

Baked baby potatoes by TasteFull

Carrots by mylittleexpatkitchen

Brussels sprouts by TasteFull

Yule log by Nigella

4 thoughts on “Christmas dinner 2011

  1. Καλή χρονιά, καλά μαγειρέματα και στρωμένα τραπέζια με όσους αγαπάτε! Μαμά και κόρη μοιράζετε αγάπη μαζί με καλό φαγητό στους καλεσμένους σας. Τα φιλιά μου στους 4!

    • Να ΄σαι καλά, Βίκυ μου. Καλή χρονιά και σε σένα. Με τις συνταγές σου μας νοιάζεσαι και μας φροντίζεις όλους!

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